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8 Reasons Smart Coffee Drinkers Choose Anacapa Coffee

1. Cheapest Cost Per Cup Available

Anacapa Coffee strives to bring you the best tasting coffee from a single serve pod, at the lowest possible price. In fact, we've done the math and the 100 pod packs are the cheapest price per cup you'll find, whether at a grocery store or online! Compared to the standard price of 60¢ per pod, Anacapa Coffee is 33% off! You can save over $100 per person per year by signing up for scheduled deliveries. In a house of coffee drinkers, that adds up quick! 

2. 2.0 Compatible Pods

All of Anacapa Coffee's pods are 100% compatible with any single serve or Keurig© machine. It's important to choose a company that stays up to date with all industry changes so that the coffee pods work with any machine you happen to use. Anacapa Coffee is even developing a custom single use machine to ensure that no other coffee company in the future tries to lock you into using only their expensive pods. 

3.Try Before You Buy

You can order a sample pack for just $5 plus Free Shipping and try out all the great flavors that Anacapa Coffee has. With this option, you don't have to worry about ordering 100 coffee pods that might be a little too strong for your taste. Make sure you love them before you order. No strings attached. 

4. Recyclable Pods

We all know it, the biggest downside to convenient coffee is the waste that comes with using hundreds of single-use pods each year. This is why Anacapa Coffee made sure that each and every pod is 100% recyclable. All you need to do after each use is wait for the pod to cool and then peel the foil top off. You can dump the coffee grounds in with your compost and then throw the rest in with your normal recyclables. Easy as that!

5. Great Tasting, Gourmet Coffee

At the end of the day, if your coffee doesn't taste good then there isn't really much point in drinking it. Sure you might get a little pick-me-up, but we prefer to sit and enjoy our coffee, even for just a moment, before the day kicks into full gear. Anacapa Coffee's craftsman roasters have developed an amazing array of natural flavors that range from the mellow and smooth, to the rich and bold. They are constantly launching new flavors so keep an eye out for updates to the site, or better yet, sign up for the email list to get updates right in your inbox. 

6. Reliable Customer Service 

With near 24-hour support, Anacapa Coffee makes sure that everything is right with your order. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the team at any time!

7. Automated Monthly Deliveries

Sign up for a discounted monthly membership plan that saves you even more time and money. Don't worry about having to re-order coffee every month or two, instead just sit back and wait for it to come to your door. All membership plans receive an additional 7% off retail price. You can select 1, 2, or 3 month delivery time-frames so that you don't get more than you can drink. Plus, members receive additional perks like free samples of new flavors, periodic free shipping, and more.  


8. Small Local Shop

At the end of the day, Anacapa Coffee is still a small local shop nestled in the heart of Santa Barbara. There is care and thought that goes into every one of our products and we take great joy in getting to share our passion with you. 


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