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Are Coffee Pods Environmentally Responsible?

Posted by Bold Apps on

Before creating this store, we asked ourselves this same question many times. We always wanted a convenient, cheap way to distribute our coffee to people online that fit in with their regular habits. We kept coming back to coffee pods as the most convenient way for people to get their coffee at home these days. They're quick, they're easy to make and easy to clean up, and they are reasonably priced. But the waste that is generated with each use is pretty large compared to your normal drip coffee. 

That's why we searched high and low to find a manufacturer that would be able to source recyclable pods. By filling recyclable pods with our coffee, we feel that we have mitigated some of the environmental impact. Will everyone recycle them? Probably not. Would they have turned to some other brand without recyclable pods instead? Probably. We wanted to give you the option to wait for the pod to cool, pull off the lid, and discard the pod with your normal recycling. We even recommend throwing the coffee grounds in with your compost. 

In addition to the recyclability of the coffee pods, we are working in additional efforts including sourcing 100% organic coffee beans from fair trade organizations. We hope to make the process from raw material to your cup as ethically responsible as possible. 

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